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Peerlink Webinar: Employment Over the Rainbow

"Employment Over the Rainbow:Supporting LGBT Peers with 
their Employment Goals"

 Wednesday, September 17th

 11:00am-12:00pm PST

2:00pm-3:00pm EST
 This webinar is dedicated to discussing the barriers and challenges that LGBT peers face when seeking employment. To better understand these challenges, we will first discuss language and societal norms that often go overlooked or are misunderstood. We will also discuss other important factors, such as changing laws and attitudes, and their impact on LGBT peers as they pursue their employment goals. And we will attempt to compare laws and attitudes toward the LGBT community with the mental health peer community. This webinar will conclude with tips, tools, and resources that should be helpful for LGBT job-seekers and for those who provide support.
 Donita Diamata - Through her personal experiences as a recipient of mental health services and her professional experiences in the mental health field, Donita has developed a passion for the subject of employment, especially as it relates to communities that may face additional challenges and barriers. Her connection to Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center has allowed her to broaden her previous knowledge and skills around this important issue.

Robyn Priest is Peerlink's Lead Project Coordinator. Robyn is originally from Australia but has also lived/worked in New Zealand, Canada and now here in the good old USA. Robyn has previously worked in the employment field for people with mental health challenges and is currently involved with training peer support workers to support people in their employment dreams.
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