Job Opportunity with Community Residences

Community Residences - Peer Counselor-Crisis Stabilization   (Part Time)

Opportunity in: Northern Virginia
Peer Counselor-Crisis Stabilization
The Peer Counselor is responsible for providing leadership through encouraging individuals in the crisis stabilization program to recognize that recovery from mental health symptoms and/or substance use is possible. Peer Counselors educate individuals and model the steps and actions of the recovery process.
The Peer Counselor is a  QPPMH or QMHP-Adult who is or has been a recipient of mental health services for severe and persistent mental illness. The peer specialist shall be a fully integrated team member who provides peer support directly to individuals and provides leadership to other team members in understanding and supporting individuals' recovery goals. 
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  • Participates as member of residential crisis stabilization team, maintaining effective inter and intra-agency working relationships
  • Demonstrate a positive regard for consumers and their families (e.g., from a trauma informed perspective provides treatment collaboratively with consumers respecting them as individuals, allowing risk-taking, avoiding stereotypes, respecting consumers' and families' privacy, advocacy, believing in consumers recovery and that they are valuable members of society)
  • Demonstrate sound clinical skills including those associated with advanced communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with individuals with mental health and/or substance use/intellectual disability who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with individuals with TDO/NGRI/Other Court mandated status
  • Develop essential therapeutic relationships that foster independence and support recovery and the change dynamic
  • Provides short term crisis intervention services, in conjunction with the crisis stabilization team and individuals served, including intake, assessment, psychiatric, substance and suicidality monitoring, linkage and follow up with therapists/case managers.
  • Assists QMHP with assessing, planning, linking, monitoring, and advocating for individual needs and services.
  • Demonstrates the lived recovery experience from mental health symptoms and/or substance use and models the steps and actions of the recovery process.
  • Leads program groups and activities to support individuals and provides education about recovery from mental health and/or substance use.
  • Provides individual and group psycho-education regarding the steps in the recovery process, including identifying desires, hopes and dreams through dialog and active listening, including Illness Management and Recovery trainings.
  • Assists consumers with problem solving and goal setting to move into the recovery process to achieve crisis stabilization, short term and long term goals and dreams.
  • Facilitates the development of WRAP plans and Crisis Intervention Plans to foster resilience and  reduce the incidences of high cost psychiatric interventions
  • Encourages the identification and use of natural supports and community based services to return the individual to previous, or higher level of functioning
  • Educates about and encourages individuals regarding the self-administration of medications.
  • Consults with other service providers, family, and significant others.
  • Complete all documentation effectively, thoroughly, and in a timely manner.  Maintain clinical and financial documentation in compliance with all relevant regulations and policies
  • Provides specialized assistance or instruction to individuals in the completion of  Activities of Daily Living (bathing, toileting, dressing, etc)
  • Follows all CR policies including maintaining a safe and secure environment.
  • Responsible for professional development, e.g., attends professional trainings and seminars related to work in the mental health field, substance use, intellectual disability and court mandated status/TDO
  • Participates in required staff and supervision meetings on a regular basis.
Other Functions

  • Communicates effectively and clearly to all staff
  • Maintains professional conduct and appearance
  • Attends and participates in scheduled team meetings and trainings
  • Promotes continuous quality improvement and professional empowerment
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.
Minimum Qualifications Required

Education, Experience, Licensure:
Qualified Mental Health Professional-Adult (QMHP)
  • Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the Human Services Field
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year supervised experience in the field of mental health
Qualified Paraprofessional in Mental Health (QPPMH) 
  • Registered with the United States Psychiatric Association (USPRA) as an Associate Psychiatric Rehabilitation Provider (APRP); 
  • has an associate's degree in a related field (social work, psychology, psychiatric rehabilitation, sociology, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, human services counseling) and at least one year of experience providing direct services to individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness; 
  • has a minimum of 90 hours classroom training and 12 weeks of experience under the direct personal supervision of a QMHP-Adult providing services to individuals 
Physical Demands
  • Some lifting, assisting with self-care
Working Environment
  • Crisis stabilization program
  • Direct supervision by the Crisis Stabilization Director
Location: Alexandria
Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday 8:00 am-12:00 pm (20 hours)
Benefits: Eligible