Freedom Training Institute

Freedom Training Institutes

If your organization's staff and volunteers are interested in teaching the Freedom Self-Advocacy Workshops, then they can gain hands-on experience at a Freedom Training Institute. Like the Freedom Workshops themselves, the Training Institutes are interactive learning experiences.

When your organization hosts a Freedom Training Institute, national trainers from the Clearinghouse travel to your community to offer an intensive one-day training. The trainers provide a complete overview of the Freedom Workshops, and each attendee receives a complete set of Freedom Curriculum materials.

At the Training Institute, the trainers also offer practical advice on implementing the Freedom Workshops. Depending on your organization's needs, topics could include:

Customizing the workshops to your local community;
Finding locations to teach the workshops;
Raising money for the workshops;
Promoting the workshops; and
Following up with workshop graduates.

Setting up a Freedom Training Institute

If your organization is interested in setting up a Freedom Training Institute, please contact the Clearinghouse to initiate the process. We are interested in ensuring that self-advocacy training reaches as many consumers as possible throughout the nation, and therefore we are willing to work with your organization to make a Freedom Training Institute a reality in your community.

An organization interested in hosting a Training Institute would be responsible for:

Finding a suitable location for the Training Institute;
Promoting the Training Institute locally (using marketing materials provided by the Clearinghouse); and
Recruiting and selecting participants (using application forms provided by the Clearinghouse).

Costs Associated with Hosting a Freedom Training Institute

The Clearinghouse recognizes that many organizations, large and small, can benefit from hosting a Freedom Training Institute. Because not every organization has the financial resources to fund a Training Institute, the Clearinghouse is willing to work with your organization to help it host a Training Institute.

For example, the Clearinghouse can provide technical assistance in finding the funds to host a Training Institute. One practical way for your organization to host an event is to share responsibility with other organizations, such as:

Local and state offices of mental health;
Local and state Mental Health Associations;
State Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems;
Local and state NAMI chapters;
Community mental health centers; or
Managed care organizations.

Hosting a Freedom Training Institute has long-range benefits because your staff and volunteers will develop their training skills, and your organization will be able to offer a valuable service to consumers. Please contact the Clearinghouse today so that we can help you set up your event.