What is offered on this site?

News and Alerts  

Here you'll find the latest information on mental health and consumer/survivor issues. We include updates on important issues, linking you to news sources, funding opportunities and the most recent developments in the consumer/survivor movement. You'll also find conference announcements and job postings from across the nation.

Training Curricula 

On this page we've made our training materials available for download. Trainings are an important way to develop skills and to confidently provide your community with informed, empowering services and opportunities. Clearinghouse staff can arrange and assist with trainings in your community on topics such as self-advocacy, working with the media and many others.


Over the years the Clearinghouse has collected thousands of resources in our library, which we use in providing information and technical assistance. In the resources section you'll find downloads, links and references to many of these publications and organizations, which you can use to research mental health and consumer/survivor issues.


The Clearinghouse has always provided our constituents with newsletters, toolkits and other forms of information to keep them up to date on important issues. The Key Update, our monthly e-newsletter, provides timely news and notes on important mental health issues. Our periodical bulletin, the Key Assistance Report, offers more in-depth analysis on selected topics that can be used as resource guides or training material. On this page you'll find downloadable versions of these publications, along with all of the issues of a previous Clearinghouse publication, the Key, and an archive of our previous website.

Technical Assistance 

Clearinghouse Technical Assistance Guides are designed to meet the needs of individual peers and peer-run businesses and services. Each of our in-depth guides contains detailed and useful information and is based on extensive research. They can be used as general topic introductions, or followed as step-by-step guides to advocacy and program creation.

CDS Directory 

The Clearinghouse's Directory of Consumer-Driven Services, which is continuously being updated, provides peers, researchers, administrators, service providers, and others with a comprehensive central resource for information on national and local peer-driven programs. Such programs have a proven track record in helping individuals recover from mental health conditions.

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